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HACT Golden Project Winners

KHT and EcoTeams are winners of HACT’s Golden Projects competition to find the best grass roots housing and neighbourhood projects.

Cara's team gets going

Mach One get together for their introductory EcoTeams meeting and start to investigate the impact of their current daily actions.

Clare cooks up a treat

Follow Global Action Plan's Clare, while she undertakes her Christmas Challenge to reduce food waste and use up all her Christmas left-overs.

EcoTeams in Green Apple Award-winning project

EcoTeamers in Surrey are celebrating. They're part of a project that won gold at the Green Apple Awards, a campaign recognising environmental best practice.

Cara@CAT's Wales EcoTeam takes off

Cara@CAT's blog - Our EcoTeams coordinator is running an EcoTeam named for its hometown - 'Mach One'. Read on for her first post.

How EcoTeams works

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