Getting an EcoTeam together

Setting up an EcoTeam is a great way to get your friends, family and neighbours together, so you can support each other and make changes that stick.

Setting up your EcoTeam

When you set up an EcoTeam, you’ll be able to

  • Send your friends e-mail invitations
  • Make your team public so other people can join you from anywhere in the world
  • Choose how you meet – face-to-face or online

What’s involved?

When you set up your team, you become that team’s main contact person. You’ll give your team a name, add a few words about your team, and if you like, appear in the search results for open EcoTeams. You’ll also propose a start date for your project.

How it works

Once you submit your new team, you’ll get a page called My Team that appears next your My Home page.

As the person who set up the EcoTeam, you’ll get extra admin options to help keep your EcoTeam on track, such as the ability to change your start date and other key dates.

Yes, I’m ready to Set up my EcoTeam

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