A greener Christmas dinner

Turkey and Christmas dinner. One without the other is like Santa without his reindeer – right? Find out what else is on the menu...

Well, times are changing and for many, there are better, tastier options for your festive table than your oh-so-traditional Christmas Turkey.

What about a super-sumptuous, extravagant, creative, inspiring vegetarian Christmas? Try leaving your meat at the door (shhhh!!) this festive season.

We’ve all got those meat-lovers in our families – and you may even be one of them. A sure way to cause controversy is to suggest a meat-free meal.

So why should you give it a go?

Our environment

Producing 1 kg beef is equivalent in carbon emissions to a single short haul flight from London to Paris! (32.3 CO2eq/kg) - Lamb, pork and chicken fare a bit better.

Our health

Eating too much meat can increase the risk of coronary heart disease due to high levels of saturate fat and triglycerides. 

Our society

Our global demand for food increases along with population growth. It takes over 15kg of grain to produce 1kg of beef. To ensure everyone has access to food reducing our intake of meat is going to become essential.

Our animals

Over 50bn chickens are reared across the globe annually. It is estimated that around two-thirds of these are reared intensively with little regard for their welfare or sentient needs.

The real reasons

  • It’s more fun than boring old soggy sprouts and salty gravy
  • It’s an opportunity to be creative with foods like the charismatic celeriac and sensationalist swede
  • Because vegetarian food is a tantalising tastebud tango of tastiness

Welcome to the world of the meat-free Christmas. Come in! Sit down, warm your toes on the fire…and don’t look back!

Top veggie tip

It's possible to replace your meat and gravy with meat-free substitutes, but it is even more interesting to change the focus of your meal to something completely different. That way, it’s less like having a Christmas meal without the meat, and more like something entirely interesting and different.

Try the following recipes out for size:



Image credit: Anthony Blake, guardian.co.uk